Body Sculpting & Tightening

Kelsom Clinic offers a laser-free solution for creating the perfect natural body shape

Reduce Fat and Tighten Skin in one Simple Treatment

The stomach is probably the most sensitive area in a woman’s body. Factors like lack of exercise, stress, drastic diets, pregnancy and natural factors related to age all contribute to the appearance of that dreaded “flabby belly”.

Often, even rigorous exercise isn’t effective when it comes to restoring skin flexibility. Kelsom Clinic’s Accent Prime™ device works amazingly, as it gets rid of excess belly fat and produces firm, flexible skin.

Your flat stomach and slender waist are now only 20 minutes away. Alma Accent uses a unique combination of technologies to eliminate excess fat and loose skin, visibly improving the shape and contours of the body. Cold ultrasound shear waves selectively destroy fat cells while UniPolar RF accelerates their metabolism for fast lymphatic drainage. Alma Accent Prime is fast, safe and definitely effective.

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